Predicting Hospital Length of Stay

Implemented with Microsoft Machine Learning Services

CSV File Description


The LengthOfStay.csv file contains the following patient information.

IndexData FieldTypeDescription
1 eid Integer Unique Id of the hospital admission
2 vdate String Visit date
3 rcount Integer Number of readmissions within last 180 days
4 gender String Gender of the patient - M or F
5 dialysisrenalendstage String Flag for renal disease during encounter
6 asthma String Flag for asthma during encounter
7 irondef String Flag for iron deficiency during encounter
8 pneum String Flag for pneumonia during encounter
9 substancedependence String Flag for substance dependence during encounter
10 psychologicaldisordermajor String Flag for major psychological disorder during encounter
11 depress String Flag for depression during encounter
12 psychother String Flag for other psychological disorder during encounter
13 fibrosisandother String Flag for fibrosis during encounter
14 malnutrition String Flag for malnutrituion during encounter
15 hemo String Flag for blood disorder during encounter
16 hematocrit Float Average hematocrit value during encounter (g/dL)
17 neutrophils Float Average neutrophils value during encounter (cells/microL)
18 sodium Float Average sodium value during encounter (mmol/L)
19 glucose Float Average sodium value during encounter (mmol/L)
20 bloodureanitro Float Average blood urea nitrogen value during encounter (mg/dL)
21 creatinine Float Average creatinine value during encounter (mg/dL)
22 bmi Float Average BMI during encounter (kg/m2)
23 pulse Float Average pulse during encounter (beats/m)
24 respiration Float Average respiration during encounter (breaths/m)
25 secondarydiagnosisnonicd9 Integer Flag for whether a non ICD 9 formatted diagnosis was coded as a secondary diagnosis
26 discharged String Date of discharge
27 facid Integer Facility ID at which the encounter occurred
28 lengthofstay Integer Length of stay for the encounter