ReactXP Versioning

Versioning Strategy

A new version of ReactXP will be released a monthly basis (approximately), following the same general update timeline of React Native. Each new version will get its own branch, allowing consumers of the library to take a dependency on a stable code base.

Version History

Version 0.42.0_rc.12 of reactxp

Released 16 June 2017

Added support for new limitFocusWidth prop for constraining keyboard focus. Fixed bug in handling of mailto URLs on web in the Link component. Added support for flexGrow, flexShrink, and flexBasis props.

Version 0.42.0_rc.11 of reactxp

Released 13 June 2017

Fixed bugs in web implementation of focus manager. Added new API (enableTouchLatencyEvents) and event (touchLatencyEvent) in UserInterface namespace for detecting delays in touch event handling. Fixed crash in native implementation of Link component that resulted in uncaught exception for some types of links. Fixed flexDirection style default for web implementation in Image component. Fixed inconsistency in handling of borders between web and RN when borderStyle is not specified.

Version 0.42.0_rc.10 of reactxp

Released 25 May 2017

Added new International API namespace for controlling right-to-left mirroring behavior.

Version 0.1.2 of reactxp-virtualistview

Released 23 May 2017

Republished because index files were missing in previous publish.

Version 0.42.0_rc.9 of reactxp

Released 17 May 2017

Fixed bug in Navigator that caused crash in hello-world sample.

Version 0.42.0_rc.8 of reactxp

Released 16 May 2017

Removed Profiling API namespace and dependency on react-addons-perf.

Version 0.1.1 of reactxp-virtualistview

Released 11 May 2017

Republished because “dist” directory was missing in previous publish.

Version 0.1.2 of reactxp-video

Released 11 May 2017

Published first version of reactxp-video extension.

Version 0.2.0 of reactxp-imagesvg

Released 10 May 2017

Switched from old version of react-native-art-svg to latest version of react-native-svg.

Version 0.42.0_rc.5 of reactxp

Released 10 May 2017

Fixed incorrect import path (using wrong case). Fixed bug in native View implementation - was using stale props. Added importantForLayout prop on View (web specific). Fixed bug in native NavigatorExperimentalDelegate - was using wrong props.

Version 0.42.0_rc.4 of reactxp

Released 27 Apr 2017

Changed web implementation of Text to prevent copying text to clipboard. Eliminated the need to specify box-sizing CSS in external CSS file. Fixed accessibility focus bugs.

Version 0.42.0_rc.3 of reactxp

Released 26 Apr 2017

Added onLongPress prop for Link. Fixed accessibility bug relating to Modal dialogs.

Version 0.42.0_rc.2 of reactxp

Released 18 Apr 2017

Added missing box-sizing CSS directives for web. Fixed bug in native implementation of View related to accessibility.

Version 0.1.0 of reactxp-imagesvg

Released 26 Apr 2017

Published first version of reactxp-imagesvg extension.

Version 0.42.0_rc.1 of reactxp

Released 9 Apr 2017

Updated project to use recent versions of React (15.5.3) and React Native (0.42.3).

Version 0.34.3 of reactxp

Released 7 Apr 2017

Added new props to ScrollView. Updated package.json to properly reflect peerDependencies on react and react-native.

Version 0.34.1 of reactxp

Released 6 Apr 2017

This is the initial public release of the ReactXP core library. It is built against React Native 0.34. We are working on updating it to a newer version of React Native, and this will be released shortly.