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◆ k4a_device_get_raw_calibration()

k4a_buffer_result_t k4a_device_get_raw_calibration ( k4a_device_t  device_handle,
uint8_t *  data,
size_t *  data_size 

Get the raw calibration blob for the entire Azure Kinect device.

device_handleHandle obtained by k4a_device_open().
dataLocation to write the calibration data to. This field may optionally be set to NULL for the caller to query for the needed data size.
data_sizeOn passing data_size into the function this variable represents the available size of the data buffer. On return this variable is updated with the amount of data actually written to the buffer, or the size required to store the calibration buffer if data is NULL.
K4A_BUFFER_RESULT_SUCCEEDED if data was successfully written. If data_size points to a buffer size that is too small to hold the output or data is NULL, K4A_BUFFER_RESULT_TOO_SMALL is returned and data_size is updated to contain the minimum buffer size needed to capture the calibration data.