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Connecting to External App

After the 3rd application has been installed and you have enabled Data Streamer follow these steps to connect and stream data to Excel

  1. Open Excel
  2. Click on the Data Streamer tab in Excel
  3. Click on Connect Device
  4. In the drop down the 3rd party application should be listed.
  5. Select the 3rd party app
  6. Approve on the connection to the 3rd party app
  7. Select Start Data
  8. Data Streamer will create three new tabs, Data In, Data Out and Settings ( if they are not already there in the workbook)
  9. Data In , will receive data from the 3rd party app
  10. Data Out , will pass data to the 3rd party app ( if supported by the 3rd party app)
  11. Settings will configure, how much data and frequency of the data coming from the app

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