Code Structure

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Lifecycle of a Read operation for disk data

Here is the sequence of steps from FASTER side, during a Read operation for disk data:

  1. User issues Read operation
  2. We create a PendingContext object for the read
  3. The HandleOperationStatus() call adds PendingContext object to ioPendingRequests dictionary
  4. Create AsyncIOContext which has pointer to a readyResponses queue (also called callbackQueue), for that session
  5. Issue IO with AsyncIOContext as param
  6. IO callback accesses readyResponsesqueue, and enqueues the result in there (result is just the AsyncIOContext itself)
  7. User calls CompletePending on session, which does this:
    • Dequeue entry from readyResponses queue
    • Remove item from ioPendingRequests dictionary
    • Finally return result to user via ReadCompletionCallback