Quick-Start Guide


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Embedded key-value store sample (without checkpointing)

public static void Main()
  using var log = Devices.CreateLogDevice("hlog.log"); // backing storage device
  using var store = new FasterKV<long, long>(1L << 20, // hash table size (number of 64-byte buckets)
     new LogSettings { LogDevice = log } // log settings (devices, page size, memory size, etc.)

  // Create a session per sequence of interactions with FASTER
  // We use default callback functions with a custom merger: RMW merges input by adding it to value
  using var s = store.NewSession(new SimpleFunctions<long, long>((a, b) => a + b));
  long key = 1, value = 1, input = 10, output = 0;
  // Upsert and Read
  s.Upsert(ref key, ref value);
  s.Read(ref key, ref output);
  Debug.Assert(output == value);
  // Read-Modify-Write (add input to value)
  s.RMW(ref key, ref input);
  s.RMW(ref key, ref input);
  s.Read(ref key, ref output);
  Debug.Assert(output == value + 20);