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Using PSRule from a Container#

Depending on your development or CI/CD process for your environment you may desire to use PSRules to validate your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) from a container. This document shows how you can use a simple container based on the image from Microsoft.

In this tutorial we are going to use a simple Ubuntu based PowerShell image to validate an ARM template. We will do this by creating a dockerfile to describe and create a container image that we can then run. When we run the container we will use a volume mount to share our ARM template and test code for the container to then execute the PSRule for Azure against our ARM template and output the results.

Creating the image#

Creating an image ready to run PSRules first requires a dockerfile. The below example will use the latest PowerShell image released and install the PSRule and PSRule.Rules.Azure modules.

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT License.

SHELL ["pwsh", "-command"]

RUN Install-Module -Name 'PSRule','PSRule.Rules.Azure' -Force

The below docker command can be used to create the image locally.

docker build --tag psrule:latest .


While fine for an example, it is common to always reference a container by a version number and not the latest tag. Using the latest tag may lead to unexpected behavior as version changes occur.

Create your test script#

Create a new directory and add a new file named validate-files.ps1. This file will run the PSRule test for us on our new container image. Add the below code to the file.

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT License.

        Create a PSRule AzRuleTemplate data file and run the PSRule.Rules.Azure module rules against the output.

Get-AzRuleTemplateLink "$PSScriptRoot/template" | Export-AzRuleTemplateData -OutputPath "$PSScriptRoot/out"

Assert-PSRule -InputPath "$PSScriptRoot/out/" -Module 'PSRule.Rules.Azure' -As Summary

Also, within the new directory add another directory named template. Add any ARM template you would like to test in this directory. For a starting point you can get a template from Azure Quickstart Templates.

Your directory should now look like the below.

- Directory 
  |--> validate-files.ps1
  |--> template
    |--> ARM template...

Run PSRules in the container#

Now we are ready to go! Run the below docker command to test the ARM template.

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD/:/src psrule:latest pwsh -file /src/validate-files.ps1

This command runs the container and the PSRule tests by mounting the directory to the /src path and then executing the validate-files.ps1 script.


The volume mount option expects your current working directory to be the new directory created. You can change this to an absolute or relative path if desired.

Clean up#

When you are ready to clean up the container image you can do so with the below command.

docker image rm psrule