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Change log#

See upgrade notes for helpful information when upgrading from previous versions.

Experimental features:

  • Baseline groups allow you to use a friendly name to reference baselines. See baselines for more information.
  • Functions within YAML and JSON expressions can be used to perform manipulation prior to testing a condition. See functions for more information.
  • Sub-selectors within YAML and JSON expressions can be used to filter rules and list properties. See sub-selectors for more information.
  • Processing of changes files only within a pipeline. See creating your pipeline for more information.


What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0203:

  • New features:
    • Added option to configure the severity level that PSRule will break the pipeline at by @BernieWhite. #1508
      • Previously only rules with the severity level Error would break the pipeline.
      • With this update rules with the severity level Error that fail will break the pipeline by default.
      • The Execution.Break option can be set to Never, OnError, OnWarning, or OnInformation.
      • If a rule fails with a severity level equal or higher than the configured level the pipeline will break.
  • Engineering:
    • Bump xunit to v2.9.0. #1869
    • Bump xunit.runner.visualstudio to v2.8.2. #1869
    • Bump System.Drawing.Common to v8.0.7. #1867
    • Bump YamlDotNet to v15.3.0. #1856
    • Bump Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common to v4.10.0. #1854
    • Bump Pester to v5.6.1. #1872
    • Bump PSScriptAnalyzer to v1.22.0. #1858

v3.0.0-B0203 (pre-release)#

What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0198:

  • New features:
    • Breaking change: Simplify handling of inputs from files using emitters by @BernieWhite. #1179
      • Files are automatically read from input paths and emitted as objects to the pipeline.
      • Emitter interface can be used to implement custom file readers and expansion of custom file types.
      • The File and Detect input formats are no longer required and have been removed.
      • Processing files and objects with rules is no longer recommended, and disabled by default.
      • The Input.FileObjects can be set to true to enable processing of files as objects with rules.
  • Engineering:
    • Bump Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk to v17.10.0. #1826
  • Bug fixes:

v3.0.0-B0198 (pre-release)#

What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0153:

  • Engineering:
    • Bump System.Drawing.Common to v8.0.5. #1817
    • Bump Bump xunit to v2.8.0. #1809
    • Bump xunit.runner.visualstudio to v2.8.0. #1808
    • Bump YamlDotNet to v15.1.4. #1816
    • Bump Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common to v4.9.2. #1773
  • Bug fixes:

v3.0.0-B0153 (pre-release)#

What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0151:

v3.0.0-B0151 (pre-release)#

What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0141:

  • General improvements:
  • Engineering:
    • Breaking change: Bump development tools to .NET 8.0 SDK by @BernieWhite. #1673
      • Running PSRule from PowerShell 7.x is supported on 7.4 and above.
      • Running PSRule from Windows PowerShell 5.1 is still supported but deprecated and will be removed in PSRule v4.
    • Bump Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk to v17.9.0. #1752
  • Bug fixes:

v3.0.0-B0141 (pre-release)#

What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0137:

  • General improvements:
    • SARIF output has been improved to include effective configuration from a run by @BernieWhite. #1739
    • SARIF output has been improved to include file hashes for source files from a run by @BernieWhite. #1740
    • Added support to allow disabling PowerShell features that can be run from a repository by @BernieWhite. #1742
      • Added the Execution.RestrictScriptSource option to disable running scripts from a repository.
  • Engineering:
    • Bump YamlDotNet to v15.1.0. #1737

v3.0.0-B0137 (pre-release)#

What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0122:

  • General improvements:
    • Breaking change: Moved the restore command to a sub-command of module by @BernieWhite. #1730
      • The functionality of the restore command is now available as module restore.
    • Added CLI commands to list and report status of locked modules by @BernieWhite. #1729
      • Added module init sub-command to initialize the lock file from configured options.
      • Added module list sub-command to list locked and unlocked modules associated with the workspace.
      • Added version property to the lock file schema to support versioning of the lock file.
  • Engineering:
    • Bump BenchmarkDotNet to v0.13.12. #1725
    • Bump BenchmarkDotNet.Diagnostics.Windows to v0.13.12. #1728
    • Bump xunit to v2.6.6. #1732
    • Bump xunit.runner.visualstudio to v2.5.6. #1717
    • Bump System.Drawing.Common to v8.0.1. #1727

v3.0.0-B0122 (pre-release)#

What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0093:

  • General improvements:
  • Engineering:
    • Bump xunit to v2.6.3. #1699
    • Bump xunit.runner.visualstudio to v2.5.5. #1700
    • Bump Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk to v17.8.0. #1659
    • Bump Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers to v8.0.0. #1674
    • Bump Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common to v4.8.0. #1686
    • Bump BenchmarkDotNet to v0.13.11. #1694
    • Bump BenchmarkDotNet.Diagnostics.Windows to v0.13.11. #1697

v3.0.0-B0093 (pre-release)#

What's changed since pre-release v3.0.0-B0084:

  • Engineering:
    • Bump xunit to v2.6.1. #1656
    • Bump System.Drawing.Common to v8.0.0. #1669
  • Bug fixes:

v3.0.0-B0084 (pre-release)#

What's changed since release v2.9.0:

  • New features:
    • Added lock file support when using CLI and related tools by @BernieWhite. #1660
      • The lock file used used during analysis and when installing modules to select a specific version.
  • General improvements:
    • Breaking change: Switch to use SHA-512 for generating unbound objects by @BernieWhite. #1155
      • Objects that have no bound name will automatically be assigned a name based on the SHA-512 hash of the object.
      • Previously a SHA-1 hash was used, however this is no longer considered secure.
      • The name for unbound objects that are suppressed will change as a result.
      • Additionally the hash can be changed by setting the Execution.HashAlgorithm option.
      • See upgrade notes for details.
    • Breaking change: Removed deprecated execution options by @BernieWhite. #1457
    • Breaking change: Removed deprecated object properties by @BernieWhite. #1601
    • Expanded support for FileHeader assertion by @BernieWhite. #1521
      • Added support for .bicepparam, .tsp, .tsx, .editorconfig, .ipynb, and .toml files.
  • Engineering:
    • Breaking change: Bump development tools to .NET 7.0 SDK by @BernieWhite. #1631
      • Running PSRule from PowerShell 7.x is supported on 7.3 and above.
      • Running PSRule from Windows PowerShell 5.1 is still supported but deprecated and will be removed in PSRule v4.
    • Bump Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers to v7.0.4. #1602
    • Bump Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common to v4.7.0. #1593
    • Bump Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk to v17.7.2. #1608
    • Bump YamlDotNet to v13.7.1. #1647
    • Bump xunit to v2.5.3. #1648
    • Bump xunit.runner.visualstudio to v2.5.3. #1644
    • Bump BenchmarkDotNet to v0.13.10. #1654
    • Bump BenchmarkDotNet.Diagnostics.Windows to v0.13.10. #1654