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ps-rule run#


Use the run command to run rules against an input path and output the results.


PSRule CLI command-line
ps-rule run [options]


--input-path | -f#

The file or directory path to search for input file to use during a run. By default, this is the current working path.

--module | -m#

The name of one or more modules that contain rules or resources to use during a run.


The name of a specific baseline to use. Currently, only a single baseline can be used during a run.


Specifies the rule results to show in output. By default, Pass/ Fail/ Error results are shown.

Allows filtering of results by outcome. The supported values are:

  • Pass - Results for rules that passed.
  • Fail - Results for rules that did not pass.
  • Error - Results for rules that raised an error are returned.
  • Processed - All results that were processed. This aggregated outcome includes Pass, Fail, or Error results.
  • Problem - Processed results that did not pass. This aggregated outcome includes Fail, or Error results.

To specify multiple values, specify the parameter multiple times. For example: --outcome Pass --Outcome Fail.

--output | -o#

Specifies the format to use when outputting results.


Specifies a path to write results to.

Next steps#

To find out more about the commands available with the PSRule CLI, see PSRule CLI.