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Related projects#

The PSRule project is distributed across multiple repositories. You can find out more by visiting each repository.

Name Description
ps-rule GitHub continuous integration using GitHub Actions.
PSRule-pipelines Azure DevOps continuous integration using Azure Pipelines.
PSRule-vscode Support for running and authoring rules within Visual Studio Code.
PSRule.Monitor Support for logging PSRule analysis results to Azure Monitor.
PSRule.Rules.Azure Rules to validate Azure resources and infrastructure as code (IaC) using PSRule.
PSRule.Rules.Azure-quickstart Sample code you can use to quickly start using PSRule for Azure.
PSRule.Rules.CAF A suite of rules to validate Azure resources against the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) using PSRule.
PSRule.Rules.GitHub A suite of rules to validate GitHub repositories using PSRule.
PSRule.Rules.Kubernetes A suite of rules to validate Kubernetes resources using PSRule.
PSRule.Rules.MSFT.OSS A suite of rules to validate repositories against Microsoft Open Source Software (OSS) requirements.

Community modules#

The following third-party modules are created, maintained, supported, and licensed by their respective authors. Before consuming these module, double check they meet your organization's support, security, and licensing expectations.

Author Name Description
cloudyspells PSRule.Rules.AzureDevOps A suite of rules to validate Azure DevOps projects using PSRule.