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Additional modules#


Azure Monitor#

You can send rule results to Azure Monitor using PSRule.Monitor.


Pre-built rules#

The following modules contain pre-built rules that can be plugged into your pipeline.

Module Description Version / downloads
PSRule.Rules.Azure A suite of rules to validate Azure resources and infrastructure as code (IaC) using PSRule. rules-azure-version-badge rules-azure-downloads-badge
PSRule.Rules.Kubernetes A suite of rules to validate Kubernetes resources using PSRule. rules-kubernetes-version-badge rules-kubernetes-downloads-badge
PSRule.Rules.CAF A suite of rules to validate Azure resources against the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) using PSRule. rules-caf-version-badge rules-caf-downloads-badge
PSRule.Rules.GitHub A suite of rules to validate GitHub repositories using PSRule. rules-github-version-badge rules-github-downloads-badge
PSRule.Rules.MSFT.OSS A suite of rules to validate repositories against Microsoft Open Source Software (OSS) requirements. rules-msft-oss-version-badge rules-msft-oss-downloads-badge
PSRule.Monitor Log PSRule analysis results to Azure Monitor. rules-monitor-version-badge rules-monitor-downloads-badge