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PSRule provides a command-line interface (CLI) to run rules and analyze results. This article describes the commands available in the CLI.

For details on installing the PSRule CLI, see Install PSRule.


The following commands are available in the CLI:

  • run — Run rules against an input path and output the results.
  • module — Manage or restore modules tracked by the module lock file and configured options.


Show the version information for PSRule.

For example:

ps-rule --version

Global options#

The following global options can be used with any command:


Specifies the path to an options file. By default, the CLI will look for a file named ps-rule.yaml in the current directory.

-? | -h | --help#

Display help and usage information for the PSRule CLI and commands. To display help for a specific command, use --help with the command name.

For example:

ps-rule run --help


Display verbose output for the selected command.


Display debug output for the selected command.