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Kubernetes CronJob


ID: MS-TA9014
Tactic: Persistence
MITRE technique: T1053.007

Kubernetes Job is a controller that creates one or more pods and ensures that a specified number of them successfully terminate. Kubernetes Job can be used to run containers that perform finite tasks for batch jobs. Kubernetes CronJob is used to schedule Jobs. Attackers may use Kubernetes CronJob for scheduling execution of malicious code that would run as a container in the cluster.


ID Mitigation Description
MS-M9005.003 Gate images deployed to Kubernetes cluster Restrict deployment of new containers from trusted supply chain
MS-M9003 Adhere to least-privilege principle Prevent unnecessary users and service accounts from creating new cronjobs.
MS-M9013 Restrict over permissive containers Check cronjob pod template for sensitive mounts and excessive permissions.