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Privileged container


ID: MS-TA9018
Tactic: Privilege Escalation
MITRE technique: T1610

A privileged container is a container that has all the capabilities of the host machine, which lifts all the limitations regular containers have. Practically, this means that privileged containers can do almost every action that can be performed directly on the host. Attackers who gain access to a privileged container, or have permissions to create a new privileged container (by using the compromised pod’s service account, for example), can get access to the host’s resources.


ID Mitigation Description
MS-M9013 Restrict over permissive containers Block privileged containers using admission controller.
MS-M9017 Ensure that pods meet defined Pod Security Standards Restrict privileged containers using pod security standards.
MS-M9005.003 Gate images deployed to Kubernetes cluster Restrict deployment of new containers from trusted supply chain