What The Hack - Intro To OSS DB Migration to Azure OSS DB


This intro level hackathon will help you get hands-on experience migrating databases from on-premises PostgreSQL, Oracle and/or MySQL to Azure DB for PostgreSQL and/or Azure DB for MySQL.

Learning Objectives

In this hack you will solve a common challenge for companies migrating to the cloud: migrating databases such as PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL to Azure. The application using the database is a sample e-commerce application written in Java. It will be configured to use PostgreSQL, MySQL and/or Oracle.

The participants will learn how to:

  1. Perform a pre-migration assessment of the databases looking at size, database engine type, database version, etc.
  2. Use offline tools to copy the databases to Azure OSS databases
  3. Use the Azure Database Migration Service to perform an online migration (if applicable)
  4. Do cutover and validation to ensure the application is working properly with the new configuration
  5. Use a private endpoint for Azure OSS databases instead of a public IP address for the database
  6. Configure a read replica for the Azure OSS databases



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