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Visual Studio Code ROS Extension

Visual Studio Code ROS Extension

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Azure Kinect

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Windows AI Platform

Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub

Azure Dev Ops for Robotics

Azure Dev Ops for Robotics

Azure VM for Robotics

Azure VM for Robotics

Customer Case Studies

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Clearpath robots on Windows

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ABB Enables RobotStudio integration with ROS on Windows


HIWIN Robots operating with ROS on Windows and Azure Cognitive Services

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What is the Robot Operating System (ROS)?

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open source framework for building robots.
ROS is a trademark of Open Robotics

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What is ROS Industrial?

ROS-Industrial is an open-source project that extends the advanced capabilities of ROS software to manufacturing.

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"Our membership has expresssed significant interest in developments that will bring advanced capabilities of ROS to industrial applications on the Windows platform and enable richer integration with other Microsoft tools."

Matthew M. Robinson

ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas

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What is ROS on Windows?

Microsoft is working with Open Robotics and the ROS Industrial Consortium to bring the Robot Operating System to Windows. This development brings the manageability and security of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise to the innovative ROS ecosystem.

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"We're excited to add Windows IoT as a supported platform for ROS. The ROS developer community can now take advantage of a wide array of features in Windows IoT, including hardware-accelerated machine learning, computer vision, and cloud capabilities such as Azure Cognitive Services. I look forward to seeing the next generation of Windows IoT-supported ROS applications."

Brian Gerkey

CEO, Open Robotics


What can I accomplish with ROS for Windows?

Windows has been a trusted part of robotic and industrial systems for decades. With ROS for Windows, developers will be able to use the familiar Visual Studio toolset along with rich AI and cloud features.

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ROS on The IoT Show

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ROS on The Decoded Show

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ROSCon 2019 Macau: Develop ROS with Visual Studio Code

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ROS Industrial