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Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.Brushes Namespace
This namespace defines the various brushes that can be used with Win2D.
Public classCanvasImageBrush
A brush which paints using image content, such as a bitmap. Useful for producing tiled backgrounds, or filling geometry with a pattern.
Public classCanvasLinearGradientBrush
A brush used to paint a linear gradient.
Public classCanvasRadialGradientBrush
A brush used to paint a radial gradient.
Public classCanvasSolidColorBrush
The simplest kind of brush. Paints things a solid color.
Public structureCanvasGradientStop
Used to describe one gradient stop in a gradient brush.
Public structureCanvasGradientStopHdr
Used to describe one high-dynamic-range gradient stop in a gradient brush.
Public interfaceICanvasBrush
A brush defines the color of things being drawn. It can be a solid color, or a bitmap pattern, or a gradient.