Use configuration mode

Before you begin

  • Connect DevKit to the computer.
  • Download SSH and Telnet client like Putty for Windows.

Enter Configuration Mode

  1. Open VS Code and identify the COM port on the status bar. COM Port

  2. Download and open Putty, type the right COM port and 115200 for Speed. Putty

  3. Click Open. A serial monitor window will open.

  4. On the device, hold down button A, then push and release the reset button. Observe the screen displays your device MAC address and ‘Configuration’. Configuration Mode

  5. Serial monitor window displays command list available. Available Commands


Commands for the DevKit Configuration Mode.



Display the commands list



Display DevKit SDK, Mico, mbed-os, mbed TLS lib and WiFi lib version details.



Exit Configuration Mode and reboot into normal mode.



Scan and list all available WiFi SSID.


set_wifissid [SSID]

Connect specific WiFi SSID.


set_wifipwd [password]

Set password for WiFi SSID you connected with command set_wifissid.


set_az_iothub [device connection string]

Set device connection string for Azur IoT Hub. View Understand Different Connection Strings in Azure IoT Hub to learn more.


set_dps_uds [unique device secret]

Set Unique Device Secret that is used as device unique key to be used for calcuation by Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE) and be used to register on IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service.



Enable secure channel on STSAFE secure chip.

Here are what will happen when enabling the security feature:

  • A symmetric key initiated by the chip will be set and stored on the secure chip.
  • All existing data stored in EEPROM (e.g. WiFi password) will be automaticly encrypted.
  • Once enabled, all data reading and writing on the device will be encrypted from that moment.

See Understand security chip for more details.

Problems and feedback

If you encounter problems, you can find FAQs if you encounter problems or reach out to us from our Gitter channel.