# check

It's recommended to enforce that change files are included with each PR. This way, all changes are captured and affect semver appropriately.

To ensure that all changes are captured in change files, simply run:

$ beachball check

This command also checks for misconfigurations that would result in problems when attempting to publish.

# Options

See the options page.

# Where should check be run?

# As a step in the PR review gate

See the change files page for how to set this up.

# As git hook (optional)

For a reference about git hooks, take a look at this documentation (opens new window). This hook would typically be run pre-push.

While running beachball check before push may seem appealing, it has some downsides: it will substantially slow down running git push and could be annoying when pushing work-in-progress changes to remote branches. Our experience with repos enabling this hook is that it's often quickly removed due to developer feedback.