# Beachball CLI Options

For the latest full list of supported options, see CliOptions in this file (opens new window).

# General options

These apply to most CLI commands.

Option Alias Default Description
--branch -b Detected default branch in default remote, falling back to 'origin/master' target branch from origin
--no-fetch Disable fetching

# change options

See the change page.

# Bumping and publishing options

These options are applicable for the publish command, as well as bump and/or canary in some cases.

Option Alias Default Description
--authType -a 'authtoken' type of token argument, affecting how it is applied to npm commands.
--message -m 'applying package updates' custom message for the checkin
--git-tags, --no-git-tags true (--git-tags) whether to create git tags for published packages
--publish, --no-publish true (--publish) whether to publish to the npm registry
--push, --no-push true (--push) whether to push changes back to git remote origin
--prerelease-prefix prerelease prefix for packages that are specified to receive a prerelease bump (--prerelease-prefix beta makes the x.y.z-beta version)
--registry -r 'https://registry.npmjs.org' npm registry for publishing
--retries 3 number of retries for a package publish before failing
--tag -t 'latest' dist-tag for npm publishes
--token -n credential to use with npm commands. its type is specified with the --authType argument
--verbose false prints additional information to the console
--yes -y if CI detected, true skips the prompts for publish
--new false publishes new packages if not in registry