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Summary of Features

Core API

  • Raw strings (Get and Set variants, key expiration)
  • Data structures (List, Hash, Set, Sorted Set, Geo)
  • Analytics APIs such as Hyperloglog and Bitmap
  • Client-side transaction API (MULTI/EXEC)
  • Publish/Subscribe
  • Admin operations
  • Access control (ACL) features

Logging & Diagnostics

  • Metrics - client side
  • Metrics - in-process queryable
  • Diagnostic logger via ILogger
  • JSON config file support, with basic support for redis.conf format as well


  • Pluggable network layer
  • Full support for TLS via SslStream


  • Fast C# based extensibility (raw string and object operations)
  • Dynamic and static registration
  • Transactional multi-key stored procedures


  • Tsavorite storage engine optimized for scalable memory access
  • Space reuse for memory tier to prevent fragmentation
  • Hybrid log-structured storage design with in-place updates in memory
  • Configurable memory size control (index, log, objects)

Tiered Storage

  • Three uses of storage: larger-than-memory cache, AOF (append-only file), checkpoints
  • Extensible IDevice abstraction to support different devices
  • Specializations for SSD/HDD device (Windows and Linux Native, as well as generic device based on .NET FileStream)
  • Specialization for Azure Storage device
  • Automatic log compaction


  • Fast non-blocking checkpoint-recovery
  • Append-only-file (write-ahead log)

Cluster Mode

  • Sharding
  • Replication
  • Failover
  • Key migration for dynamic scale-out


  • Any platform supported by .NET
  • Windows
  • Linux