Tools are the fundamental building blocks of a flow.

Each tool is an executable unit, basically a function to performs various tasks including but not limited to:

  • Accessing LLMs for various purposes

  • Querying databases

  • Getting information from search engines

  • Pre/post processing of data


Prompt flow provides 3 basic tools:

  • LLM: The LLM tool allows you to write custom prompts and leverage large language models to achieve specific goals, such as summarizing articles, generating customer support responses, and more.

  • Python: The Python tool enables you to write custom Python functions to perform various tasks, such as fetching web pages, processing intermediate data, calling third-party APIs, and more.

  • Prompt: The Prompt tool allows you to prepare a prompt as a string for more complex use cases or for use in conjunction with other prompt tools or python tools.

More tools#

Our partners also contributes other useful tools for advanced scenarios, here are some links:

  • Vector DB Lookup: vector search tool that allows users to search top k similar vectors from vector database.

  • Faiss Index Lookup: querying within a user-provided Faiss-based vector store.

Custom tools#

You can create your own tools that can be shared with your team or anyone in the world. Learn more on Create and Use Tool Package

Next steps#

For more information on the available tools and their usage, visit the our reference doc.