Experimental feature

This is an experimental feature, and may change at any time. Learn more.

Traces records specific events or the state of an application during execution. It can include data about function calls, variable values, system events and more. Traces help break down an application’s components into discrete inputs and outputs, which is crucial for debugging and understanding an application. You can learn more from here on traces.

Prompt flow provides the trace feature to enable user to trace LLM call or function, and LLM frameworks like LangChain and AutoGen, following OpenTelemetry specification.

Installing the package#

pip install promptflow-tracing

Instrumenting user’s code#

Enable trace for LLM calls#

Let’s start with the simplest example, add single line code start_trace() to enable trace for LLM calls in your application.

from openai import OpenAI
from promptflow.tracing import start_trace

# instrument OpenAI

client = OpenAI()

completion =
    {"role": "system", "content": "You are a poetic assistant, skilled in explaining complex programming concepts with creative flair."},
    {"role": "user", "content": "Compose a poem that explains the concept of recursion in programming."}


Then OpenAI is instrumented, and as prompt flow follows OpenTelemetry specification, user can fully leverage the OpenTelemetry knowledge to use these traces during the OpenAI calls.

Trace on any function#

A more common scenario is the application has complicated code structure, and developer would like to add trace on critical path that they would like to debug and monitor.

See the math_to_code example on how to use @trace.

Execute below command will get an URL to display the trace records and trace details of each test.

from promptflow.tracing import trace

# trace your function
def code_gen(client: AzureOpenAI, question: str) -> str:
    sys_prompt = (
        "I want you to act as a Math expert specializing in Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. "
        "Given the question, develop python code to model the user's question. "
        "Make sure only reply the executable code, no other words."
    completion =
        model=os.getenv("CHAT_DEPLOYMENT_NAME", "gpt-35-turbo"),
                "role": "system",
                "content": sys_prompt,
            {"role": "user", "content": question},
    raw_code = completion.choices[0].message.content
    result = code_refine(raw_code)
    return result

Trace LLM and frameworks#

Prompt flow tracing works not only for general LLM application, but also for more frameworks like autogen and langchain. Besides basic tracing capability, prompt flow also provides several trace toolkits that can improve the tracing experience (e.g., trace UI for visualization).

  1. Example: Add trace for LLM


  1. Example: Add trace for Autogen


  1. Example: Add trace for Langchain