The prompt flow SDK and CLI are under active development, with regular stable releases on PyPI: PyPI version PyPI - Downloads. Refer to SDK Changelog for release history and upcoming features.

This guide outlines the Promptflow SDK and CLI installation process.

Create a virtual environment (optional)#

When installing prompt flow locally, we recommend using a virtual environment for the installation. This ensures that the dependencies for prompt flow are isolated from the rest of your system. Please ensure you have a working python environment (python>=3.8,<4.0), a new virtual environment is preferred.

To create and activate:

python3 -m venv pf
source pf/bin/activate

To deactivate later, run:


Install Conda if you have not already. To create and activate:

conda create -n pf python=3.11
conda activate pf

To deactivate later, run:

conda deactivate

Install prompt flow#

Run below command to install the latest version of the promptflow.

# Install the latest stable version
pip install promptflow --upgrade

After developing your flow locally, you can seamlessly transition to Azure AI and interact with your flow in the cloud. Use the following command to install the latest version of prompt flow to work with flows in Azure.

# Install the latest stable version
pip install promptflow[azure] --upgrade

Promptflow sub packages#

Prompt flow consists of several sub-packages, each is designed to provide specific functionalities.




The promptflow-tracing package offers tracing capabilities to capture and illustrate the internal execution processes of both DAG flow and Flex flow.


The promptflow-core package provides the essential features needed to execute a flow in prompt flow.


The promptflow-devkit package offers features like: create and iteratively develop flow, evaluate flow quality and performance, and a streamlined development cycle for production.


The promptflow-azure package helps user to leverage the cloud version of prompt flow in Azure AI

Verify installation#

To verify the installation, run the following command to check the version of prompt flow installed.

pf --version

Running the above command will yield the following example output:

  "promptflow": "1.10.1",
  "promptflow-core": "1.10.1",
  "promptflow-devkit": "1.10.1",
  "promptflow-tracing": "1.10.1"