Develop a flow#

Experimental feature

This is an experimental feature, and may change at any time. Learn more.

You can create LLM apps using a Python function or class as the entry point, which encapsulating your app logic. You can directly test or run these entries with pure code experience.

In PromptFlow, these functions or classes are referred to as flow or flex flow.

Alternatively, you can define a flow.flex.yaml that points to these entries (entry:function_name or entry:ClassName). This enables testing, running, or viewing traces via the Promptflow VS Code Extension.

Our examples should give you a good idea on how to write flows.


  • The term Flex is a shorthand for flexible, indicating its adaptability to most scenarios with minimal adjustments.

  • PromptFlow also supports the development of a dag flow. learn more on comparasion of these two flow concepts.