Use connections in flow#

The connection helps securely store and manage secret keys or other sensitive credentials required for interacting with LLM and other external tools for example Azure Content Safety. The following usage of connections is supported in prompt flow.

Model config in __init__#

Just like example in class based flow batch run, it’s supported to reference connection in ModelConfig. Reference here for more information about ModelConfig. And connection will be resolved and flatten connection’s fields to ModelConfig. Note: Currently model config only support OpenAI and AzureOpenAI connection. For custom connection, please use connection in init.

Connection in __init__#

It’s also supported to directly pass connection by name in __init__.

class MyFlow:
    def __init__(self, my_connection: AzureOpenAIConnection):


  • Union of connection types(Union[OpenAIConnection, AzureOpenAIConnection]) is not supported.

Batch run with connection#

User can pass connection name to connection field in init.

In local, the connection name will be replaced with local connection object in execution time. In cloud, the connection name will be replaced with workspace’s connection object in execution time.

# local connection "my_connection"'s instance will be passed to `__init__`"./flow.flex.yaml", init={"connection": "my_connection"}, data="./data.jsonl")
# cloud connection "my_cloud_connection"'s instance will be passed to `__init__`"./flow.flex.yaml", init={"connection": "my_cloud_connection"}, data="./data.jsonl")

Environment variable connections#

If flow YAML has environment_variables and it’s value is a connection reference like this:

  AZURE_OPENAI_API_KEY: ${open_ai_connection.api_key}
  AZURE_OPENAI_ENDPOINT: ${open_ai_connection.api_base}

The environment variable’s value will be resolved to actual value in runtime. If the connection not exist (in local or cloud), connection not found error will be raised.

Note: User can override the environment_variables with existing environment variable keys in flow.flex.yaml:

pf run create --flow . --data ./data.jsonl --environment-variables AZURE_OPENAI_API_KEY='${new_connection.api_key}' AZURE_OPENAI_ENDPOINT='my_endpoint'

Overriding with environment variable names which not exist in flow.flex.yaml is not supported. Which means if user added environment variables which does not exist in flow.flex.yaml in runtime, it’s value won’t be resolved.

For example,

pf run create --flow . --data ./data.jsonl --environment-variables NEW_API_KEY='${my_new_connection.api_key}'

The NEW_API_KEY’s value won’t be resolved to connection’s API key.