REST Client

ReactXP provides basic Network APIs for determining network connectivity, but it doesn’t provide ways to access the network once connected.

This extension provides a cross-platform mechanism for wrapping a simple REST API. It supports optional retry logic (including exponential backoff).

For more details, refer to the SimpleRestClients GitHub site.

To install: npm install simplerestclients or yarn add simplerestclients

Sample Usage

import { GenericRestClient, ApiCallOptions }  from 'simplerestclients';
import SyncTasks = require('synctasks');

export interface User {
    id: string;
    firstName: string;
    lastName: string;

export default class MyRestClient extends GenericRestClient {
    constructor(private _appId: string) {

    // Override _getHeaders to append a custom header with the app ID.
    protected _getHeaders(options: ApiCallOptions): { [key: string]: string } {
        let headers = super._getHeaders(options);
        headers['X-AppId'] = this._appId;
        return headers;

    // Define public methods that expose the APIs provided through
    // the REST service.
    getAllUsers(): SyncTasks.Promise<User[]> {
        return this.performApiGet<User[]>('users');

    getUserById(id: string): SyncTasks.Promise<User> {
        return this.performApiGet<User>('user/' + id);

    setUser(user: User): SyncTasks.Promise<void> {
        return this.performApiPut<void>('user/' +, user);