Show 28 fields pub DeviceDescription: NDIS_VAR_DATA_DESC, pub DevSpecificInfo: NDIS_VAR_DATA_DESC, pub ulTAPISupplementaryPassThru: u32, pub ulAddressModes: u32, pub ulNumAddresses: u32, pub ulBearerModes: u32, pub ulMaxTxRate: u32, pub ulMinTxRate: u32, pub ulMaxRxRate: u32, pub ulMinRxRate: u32, pub ulMediaModes: u32, pub ulGenerateToneModes: u32, pub ulGenerateToneMaxNumFreq: u32, pub ulGenerateDigitModes: u32, pub ulMonitorToneMaxNumFreq: u32, pub ulMonitorToneMaxNumEntries: u32, pub ulMonitorDigitModes: u32, pub ulGatherDigitsMinTimeout: u32, pub ulGatherDigitsMaxTimeout: u32, pub ulDevCapFlags: u32, pub ulMaxNumActiveCalls: u32, pub ulAnswerMode: u32, pub ulUUIAcceptSize: u32, pub ulUUIAnswerSize: u32, pub ulUUIMakeCallSize: u32, pub ulUUIDropSize: u32, pub ulUUISendUserUserInfoSize: u32, pub ulUUICallInfoSize: u32,
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Required features: "Win32_NetworkManagement_Ndis"


DeviceDescription: NDIS_VAR_DATA_DESCDevSpecificInfo: NDIS_VAR_DATA_DESCulTAPISupplementaryPassThru: u32ulAddressModes: u32ulNumAddresses: u32ulBearerModes: u32ulMaxTxRate: u32ulMinTxRate: u32ulMaxRxRate: u32ulMinRxRate: u32ulMediaModes: u32ulGenerateToneModes: u32ulGenerateToneMaxNumFreq: u32ulGenerateDigitModes: u32ulMonitorToneMaxNumFreq: u32ulMonitorToneMaxNumEntries: u32ulMonitorDigitModes: u32ulGatherDigitsMinTimeout: u32ulGatherDigitsMaxTimeout: u32ulDevCapFlags: u32ulMaxNumActiveCalls: u32ulAnswerMode: u32ulUUIAcceptSize: u32ulUUIAnswerSize: u32ulUUIMakeCallSize: u32ulUUIDropSize: u32ulUUISendUserUserInfoSize: u32ulUUICallInfoSize: u32

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