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◆ k4a_record_create()

k4a_result_t k4a_record_create ( const char *  path,
k4a_device_t  device,
const k4a_device_configuration_t  device_config,
k4a_record_t recording_handle 

Opens a new recording file for writing.

pathFilesystem path for the new recording.
deviceThe Azure Kinect device that is being recorded. The device handle is used to store device calibration and serial number information. May be NULL if recording user-generated data.
device_configThe configuration the Azure Kinect device was started with.
recording_handleIf successful, this contains a pointer to the new recording handle. Caller must call k4a_record_close() when finished with recording.
The file will be created if it doesn't exist, or overwritten if an existing file is specified.
Streaming does not need to be started on the device at the time this function is called, but when it is started it should be started with the same configuration provided in device_config.
Subsequent calls to k4a_record_write_capture() will need to have images in the resolution and format defined in device_config.
K4A_RESULT_SUCCEEDED is returned on success