interface CCFConsensus {
    getLastCommittedTxId(): TransactionId;
    getStatusForTxId(view, seqno): TransactionStatus;
    getViewForSeqno(seqno): null | number;


  • Get the ID of latest transaction known to be committed.

    Returns TransactionId

  • Get the status of a transaction by ID, provided as a view+seqno pair.

    Note that this value is the node's local understanding of the status of that transaction in the network at call time. For a given TxID, the initial status is always UNKNOWN, and eventually becomes COMMITTED or INVALID. See the documentation section titled "Verifying Transactions" for more detail.

        UNKNOWN [Initial status]
    v ^
    v v

    COMMITTED INVALID [Final statuses]

    This status is not sampled atomically per handler: if this is called multiple times in a transaction handler, later calls may see more up to date values than earlier calls. Once a final state (COMMITTED or INVALID) has been reached, no further changes are possible.


    • view: number
    • seqno: number

    Returns TransactionStatus

  • Get the view associated with a given seqno, to construct a valid TxID. If the seqno is not known by the node, null is returned.


    • seqno: number

    Returns null | number

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