This module exports the main API giving access to common functionality in a flat namespace.

Any modules not re-exported here have to be explicitly imported. This is the case for advanced functionality like cryptography.

import * as ccfapp from '@microsoft/ccf-app';


Re-exports AuthnIdentity
Re-exports AuthnIdentityCommon
Re-exports Body
Re-exports DataConverter
Re-exports EmptyAuthnIdentity
Re-exports EndpointFn
Re-exports HistoricalState
Re-exports JsonCompatible
Re-exports JwtAuthnIdentity
Re-exports KvMap
Re-exports KvMaps
Re-exports MemberCOSESign1AuthnIdentity
Re-exports MemberCertAuthnIdentity
Re-exports Proof
Re-exports ProofElement
Re-exports Receipt
Re-exports Request
Re-exports Response
Re-exports ResponseBodyType
Re-exports TransactionStatus
Re-exports TypedArray
Re-exports TypedArrayConstructor
Re-exports TypedKvMap
Re-exports UserCOSESign1AuthnIdentity
Re-exports UserCertAuthnIdentity
Re-exports arrayBuffer
Re-exports bool
Re-exports dropCachedStates
Re-exports float32
Re-exports float64
Re-exports getLastCommittedTxId
Re-exports getStateRange
Re-exports getStatusForTxId
Re-exports getViewForSeqno
Re-exports historicalState
Re-exports int16
Re-exports int32
Re-exports int64
Re-exports int8
Re-exports json
Re-exports rawKv
Re-exports setApplyWrites
Re-exports setClaimsDigest
Re-exports string
Re-exports typedArray
Re-exports typedKv
Re-exports uint16
Re-exports uint32
Re-exports uint64
Re-exports uint8

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