This module provides access to historical state.

There are two options to access historical state:

  1. Declare the endpoint mode as "historical" in app.json and access historical state via ccf.historicalState.

This option supports single transactions only and prescribes how the transaction ID must be passed in the request (via the x-ms-ccf-transaction-id HTTP header). The historicalState property provides access to the historical state of the Key-Value store and information like the transaction receipt.

  1. Declare the endpoint mode as "readonly" in app.json and use the programmatic API to request historical state.

This option supports both single and multi-transaction requests. It also leaves the decision of how to extract the transaction ID(s) from the HTTP request to the app developer. The getStateRange function of this module provides access to a sequential range of transactions. See the documentation of that function for more details.


Re-exports HistoricalState
Re-exports Proof
Re-exports ProofElement
Re-exports Receipt

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