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Mastering the Marketplace

You have reached the the most comprehensive on-demand content available to help you develop transactable offers for the Microsoft commercial marketplace. This site features instructional videos, interactive hands-on labs, and sample code to provide a better understanding of the marketplace.

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Live and recorded webinars

Webinars occur almost daily and cover all things marketplace from technical implementations to accelerating your business. Not only can you attend live, but workshops are recorded for later viewing.

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Choose your offer type

Deciding which offer type to use? This page is for you.

The included decision tree and supporting video will help you understand the different offer types and choose the one best suited for your solution.

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Mastering Partner Center Partner Center is the web portal used to create and publish offers. Learn more about Partner Center in this ever-expanding multi-part course on how to use the portal to publish offers.

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Mastering SaaS offers This comprehensive content takes you through all you need to get a SaaS offer up and running. From landing pages to webhooks, the technical course will help you get your SaaS offer up and running in days instead of weeks.

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Mastering the SaaS Accelerator Instead of building your own custom SaaS solution, consider using the SaaS Accelerator. The SaaS accelerator is a turnkey solution meeting the technical requirements for a SaaS offer and can be installed in 20 minutes.

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Mastering Managed Applications offers With a powerful ARM based deployment model, Azure Managed Applications are popular among those who want to deploy resources into the customer's environment, but still maintain control of those resources.

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Mastering virtual machine offers

Virtual machines are a popular way to deliver solutions to customers. Learn how in this comprehensive course on building VM offers.

You'll learn everything from how to package your solution to how to make it available on the Azure marketplace.

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Mastering container offers

Do you want to deliver your software solution in containers that can run on your customer's Azure Kubernetes Service?

Learn how in this demo-heavy technical course taht takes you step-by-step through the process.

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