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Mastering SaaS offers#

This on-demand learning series includes videos, sample code, and hands-on labs meant to speed your time to publishing your custom SaaS offer on the Microsoft commercial marketplace. If you are building a SaaS offer for the marketplace this learning series is for you.

Choose a SaaS offer topic area#

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Hands-on labs#

These hands-on labs focus on technical topics and are typically of use to technologists. They build upon each other. Perform them in sequential order to get a fully functional SaaS Offer published and working for your test environment.

Clone this repository to your local machine. You will need some artifacts from the lab folders to complete the labs.


  1. Azure subscription that can create resources
  2. A Partner Center Account
  3. Visual Studio 2022, any version


  1. Creating a SaaS Offer in Partner Center
  2. Creating a Landing Page
  3. Installing a Publisher Portal
  4. Deploying and Monitoring a Webhook
  5. Implementing Meter billing