SDKs for the DAP

The following table lists the known SDKs or libraries that support the Debug Adapter Protocol.

Description Language Maintainer Repository
Libraries for implementing and testing debug adapters (npm modules) TypeScript Microsoft vscode-debugadapter-node
Managed implementation for hosting and implementing debug adapters (nuget package) C#/.NET Microsoft VisualStudio.Shared.VsCodeDebugProtocol
Extensibility interfaces for a DAP host (nuget package) C#/.NET Microsoft VisualStudio.Debugger.DebugAdapterHost.Interfaces
Sample for integrating debug adapters in Visual Studio C#/.NET Microsoft Microsoft/VSDebugAdapterHost
Libraries for implementing debug adapters on JVM Java Eclipse Foundation eclipse/lsp4j
C++ library for implementing debug adapters C++ Google google/cppdap
Ruby library for encoding and decoding DAP messages Ruby Ethan Reesor firelizzard/ruby-dap

If you are missing a SDK please create a pull request in GitHub against this markdown document