Tools supporting the DAP

The following table lists the known development tools (IDEs) that implement the Debug Adapter Protocol as a client.

Development Tool Client ID Maintainer Repository
Visual Studio Code vscode Microsoft vscode
Visual Studio visualstudio Microsoft Visual Studio Debug Adapter Host
Visual Studio for Mac vsformac Microsoft  
Eclipse IDE (LSP4E connector) lsp4e.debug Eclipse Eclipse community, Eclipse LSP4E
Emacs emacs.dap-mode @yyoncho dap-mode
Theia Theia Eclipse theia
Vim vimspector Ben Jackson vimspector, vim
Cloud Studio cloudstudio CODING  

The “client ID” is the identifier that a development tool sends to the debug adapter as part of the initialize request.

If you are missing a development tool or if you want to register a client ID please create a pull request in GitHub against this markdown document.