Jest is one of the most popular testing libraries in the Javascript ecosystem. It is also a preset supported out of the box inside the just-scripts library. Similar to the other presets, this task function assumes that you have a jest.config.js at the root of the project.

// just-task.js
import { jestTask } from 'just-scripts';
task('test', jestTask());

You can pass in a few options like any another preset tasks in the just-scripts library.

// just-task.js
import { jestTask } from 'just-scripts';

const options = {
  runInBand: true

task('test', jestTask(options));

# Available Options

# config

You can pass in a different jest.config.js file to the jestTask().

# runInBand

This causes the jest runner to run the tests in a single thread.

# coverage

This causes jest to collect coverage information. It is much slower, and therefore is turned OFF by default.

# updateSnapshots

This causes the jestTask() to update snapshots. Configuration of the snapshot location is subject to the jest.config.js file.