just-task uses the best pirate themed command line argument library ever: yargs, matey! So, rigs get documented pretty much automatically. However, tasks can customize the arguments that are accepted. just-task exposes these via this.argv inside a task function.

# Reading arguments

To read the arguments passed in from command line, use the argv() function provided by yargs.

const { task, argv } = require('just-task');

task('pillageMeArgs', function() {
  logger.info('a bunch of aarrrrrrgs', argv());

# Describe the task with option()

const { task, logger, option, argv } = require('just-task');


task('blimey', 'An exclamation of surprise.', function() {
  logger.info(`blimey! ${argv().name}`);

The option() function is the same one exposed by yargs.option() - so you can look up that option() documentation(opens new window) for what is possible.

# Automatically Generated Task Help Usage

If you describe the task in this fashion, you can get a list of tasks with descriptions like this:

just --help
just blimey --help