SDKs for the LSP

If you are missing a SDK please create a pull request in GitHub against this markdown document

Language Maintainer Repository
C# Inomata Kentaro LanguageServerProtocol
C# OmniSharp C#-LSP
C# MS work in progress by David Wilson
C# Ken Domino LspTypes for C#
C++ Kuafu LspCpp
C++17 otreblan libclsp (WIP)
Haskell Alan Zimmerman Haskell-LSP
Haskell Luke Lau lsp-test
Haxe @nadako language-server-protocol-haxe
Java Eclipse, TypeFox Eclipse LSP4J
node.js MS vscode-languageserver-node
Objective-C Christopher Atlan LSPKit
PHP Felix Becker php-language-server
Python Open Law Library pygls
Python Yeger pylspclient
Rust Bruno Medeiros RustLSP
Rust Bruno Medeiros and Markus Westerlind lsp-types
Rust Eyal Kalderon tower-lsp
Swift Chime SwiftLSPClient