Tools supporting the LSP

If you are missing a development tool please create a pull request in GitHub against this markdown document

Editor/IDE Maintainer Repository
Visual Studio Code Microsoft vscode
Eclipse Che Eclipse,Codenvy/TypeFox Che
Eclipse IDE Eclipse,Red Hat Eclipse community, Eclipse LSP4E
emacs Vibhav Pant emacs language server client
GNU Emacs João Távora Eglot
GNOME Builder language server client
MS Monaco Editor TypeFox monaco-languageclient
Acme Fazlul Shahriar acme-lsp
Atom GitHub atom-languageclient
Theia theia-ide theia
vim8 and neovim Junfeng Li LanguageClient-neovim
vim8 and neovim Prabir Shrestha vim-lsp
vim8 and neovim Qiming Zhao coc.nvim
vim8 and neovim Nate Bosch vim-lsc
Visual Studio Adam Friedman LSP client in Visual Studio
Visual Studio Microsoft LSP Preview
Oni @oni_vim Oni’s Features
Kakoune ul kak-lsp
Sublime Text Tom van Ommeren lsp