Tools supporting the LSP

If you are missing a development tool please create a pull request in GitHub against this markdown document

Editor/IDE Maintainer Repository
Visual Studio Code MS vscode
Eclipse Che Eclipse,Codenvy/TypeFox Che
Eclipse IDE Eclipse,Red Hat Eclipse community, Eclipse LSP4E
emacs Vibhav Pant emacs language server client
GNOME Builder language server client
MS Monaco Editor Typefox monaco-languageclient
Atom GitHub atom-languageclient
Theia theia-ide theia
vim8 and neovim Junfeng Li LanguageClient-neovim
vim8 and neovim Prabir Shrestha vim-lsp
Visual Studio Adam Friedman LSP client in Visual Studio
Visual Studio Microsoft LSP Preview
Oni @oni_vim Oni’s Features
Kakoune ul kak-lsp