Language Servers

The language servers are listed in chronological order of appearance.

If you are missing a server please create a pull request in GitHub against this markdown document

Language Maintainer Repository
PowerShell MS VS Code PowerShell extension
C++ MS VS Code C++ extension
C# OmniSharp csharp-language-server-protocol
JSON MS vscode-json-languageservice
JSON MS vscode-json-languageserver-bin Temporary until supported by VS Code itself
CSS/LESS/SASS MS vscode-css-languageservice
HTML MS vscode-html-languageservice
Xtext language framework Eclipse Eclipse Xtext
Crane PHP HvyIndustries VS Code Extension
PHP Felix Becker php-language-server
Haxe Dan Korostelev (@nadako) VS Code Haxe extension
Java @georgewfraser Java Compiler (javac) API-based Java support
RAML RAML Workgroup raml-language-server Work in Progress
API Elements Vincenzo Chianese(@XVincentX) vscode-apielements
groovy Palantir groovy-language-server
Java (Eclipse) Eclipse, RedHat Eclipse JDT LS
SQL MS VS Code SQL extension
OCaml/Reason freebroccolo ocaml-language-server
Go Sourcegraph sourcegraph-go
Rust Jonathan Turner rustls
Scala Iulian Dragos dragos-vscode-scala
Polymer Polymer Team polymer-editor-service
Julia Contributors Julia language server
Python Palantir Technologies python-language-server
Isabelle Makarius Wenzel sources
GraphQL GraphQL community Server in GraphQL
Javascript-Typescript Sourcegraph javascript-typescript
Javascript Flow flowtype flow-langauge-server
ember Ember community ember language server
PHP Ben Mewburn inteliphense
C++/clang llvm-project clangd
elixir Jake Becker elixir-ls
ceylon John Vasileff vscode-ceylon
crystal Ryan L. Bell scry
Language Tool Adam Voss languagetool
YAML (with JSON schemas) Adam Voss vscode-yaml-languageservice
YANG Yang tools yang-lsp
Dockerfiles Remy Suen dockerfile-language-server
Haskell Alan Zimmerman haskell-ide-engine
MSBuild Adam Friedman msbuild-project-tools-vscode
TypeScript TypeFox typescript-language-server
Vue Pine Wu & @HerringtonDarkholme vuejs/vetur
lua Kyle McLamb lua-lsp
Ruby Fumiaki MATSUSHIMA language_server-ruby
YAML Red Hat Developers yaml-language-server
Puppet Puppetlabs puppet language server
TypeCobol TypeCobol TypeCobol language server
Solidity Kodebox Solidity language server
Scala scalameta Scala language server
GLSL Sven-Hendrik Haase (@svenstaro) glsl-language-server
Gauge Gauge Gauge Language Server
Ballerina Ballerina Language Server
Dart Nate Bosch (@natebosch) Dart Language Server
C/C++/Objective-C Jacob Dufault, MaskRay, topisani cquery
XML IBM XML Language Server
Apache Camel Aurélien Pupier (@apupier) and Lars Heinemann Apache Camel Language Server
Apex Salesforce VS Code Apex extension
Visualforce Salesforce VS Code Visualforce extension
R REditorSupport R language server
Bash Mads Hartmann Bash Language Server
Python Fabio Zadrozny PyDev on VSCode