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Project 15 from Microsoft | Open Platform Repository

Deploying Project 15 from Microsoft Open Platform in 3 steps

This document walks through deployment of Project 15 from Microsoft Open Platform in 3 steps.

  1. Click to open Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template
  2. Personalize and configure deployment
  3. Run Post Deployment Script


1. Open ARM Template Deployment

Click Deploy to Azure button below

Right click the button below and select Open link in new tab or Open lin in new window

This deployment will consume about 100 USD per month. If you would like to deploy for your development, turn on Development Environment option to deploy with Free SKUs. With Free SKUs, quotas and limitations apply.

2. Personalize and configure deployment

Deployment 01

  1. Select Subscription (if you have more than one)

    If you do not have Azure Subscription, please create an account for free for 12 months

  2. Create a new resource Group

    A resource group is a container that holds related resources for an Azure solution. Similar to folder and files.

    Open the dialog box by clicking Create new and give a unique name such as MyOpenPlatformSolution

  3. Select Region nearest to you

  4. Select Unique ID

    Some Azure services and names such as web site URL require globally unique ID. The default is a random string based on the resource group. You may enter your own unique ID string.

    • Minimum 5 characters
    • Maximum 12 characters
    • Alphanumeric characters only (no special characters)
  5. If you are interested in adding Azure Digital Twins, set Azure Digital Twins = true

  6. Click Review + create, then click Create to start deployment

    Azure Portral validates your parameters, etc. Some services may not be available in the region you selected. Please select other regions.

Review and Create Open Platform Solution

Typically the deployment process takes about 10 minutes.

Deployment 05

Ensure there is no error reported

Deployment 06

3. Run Post Deployment Script

Some Azure services require additional settings, such as permission and access control. We will complete deployment by running a script in Cloud Shell.

  1. Switch to Outputs

    You can always go to Deployment Outputs page in Azure Portal.
    Navigate to Resource Group and select Deployment

  2. Copy postDeploymentCommand by clicking blue button next to the command line

    Deployment 07

  3. Launch Cloud Shell

    Open a new browser tab or window, then navigate to

    If you have multiple subscriptions, please select the subscription used to deploy Open Platform solution.

    If this is the first time for you to start Cloud Shell, you will see the following dialog.

    Select subscription and click Create storage

    Deployment 08

  4. Ensure to select Bash from the list

    Deployment 09

  5. Paste Post Deployment Script from above step then execute by pressing Enter key

    Deployment 10

  6. The command takes about 1~2 minutes to complete

    You may close Cloud Shell now.

    Deployment 11

  7. Open a new browser window or tab, then navigate to the web site using URL from Outputs

    You can find _Web_Site_Address in Outputs of the deployment

    Deployment 12

  8. Confirm the web site is up and accessible

    Deployment 13

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