Release or patch a CCF release#

Patch an LTS release#

CCF releases are cut from branches named release/N.x where N is the major release number. Patching a release, ie. issuing a N.0.x+1 version when the current version is N.0.x involves the following steps:

  1. Apply commits to release/N.0.x, and/or cherry-pick them from main

  2. Tag head of release/N.x as ccf-N.0.x+1


Alternatively, pull requests merged to main with the auto-backport and N.x-todo GitHub label(s) will be automatically backported to the corresponding LTS branch(es). See Labelling LTS PRs section for more details.

Create an LTS release#

  1. Create a release/N.x branch from the head of main

  2. Tag head of release/N.x as ccf-N.0.0-rc0

  3. If necessary, apply patch process outline above with ccf-N.0.0-rc1 etc

  4. When ready, tag the head of release/N.x as ccf-N.0.0

Create a dev release#

  1. Tag the head of main as ccf-N+1.0.0-devX+1, where N is the latest LTS, and X the latest dev release.

Labelling LTS PRs#

To keep track of which changes should be merged to LTS branches and then confirm them before cutting LTS releases, the following policy should be used:

  1. A PR targetting main which contains changes that should also reach the N.x LTS should be labelled in GitHub with N.x-todo and auto-backport. auto-backport label will trigger a github action to backport automatically.

  2. Where possible N.x-todo PRs should contain the minimal set of changes with no dependencies on earlier PRs, so they can be more easily cherry-picked

  3. A PR targetting an LTS branch (release/N.x) should be labelled in Github with N.x-backport, so it can be easily found with a filter

  4. A PR targetting an LTS branch which is constructed primarily of a cherry-pick from main should be named consistently as Cherry-pick #<PR_ID> to N.x LTS, so it can be easily correlated with the corresponding N.x-todo PR. If an LTS PR contains commits from multiple PRs to main, each should be mentioned in the PR title, eg Port <foo> to N.x LTS (#PR1_ID, #PR2_ID, ...)`

  5. If the backport happened via the auto-backport github action, backported label will be automatically added to the ticket. Otherwise, you will need to manually add backported label once it’s merged.

Before creating an LTS release, the releaser should do a scan of PRs and ensure that there are none with N.x-todo label. If any exist, they should be merged to the LTS branch before releasing, and those candidate labels removed.