This is the first release of DSCEA - Version

DSCEA supports Windows Operating Systems running PowerShell version 5 or above

Linux support is not available at this time because DSCEA depends on Test-DscConfiguration -ReferenceConfiguration, which is not currently available for Linux systems

Notable features

Some of the more prominent features DSCEA version include the following:

  • Scan results are saved to XML at the end of a scan, allowing multiple reports to be run against the same data without requiring additional scanning
  • System validation testing (Verifies systems to be scanned are online and running PowerShell version 5 or above)
  • Error handling capabilities and logging
  • Timeout settings can be configured per system or per scan
  • Force option which can kill the LCM on remote systems if the LCM gets stuck
  • HTML based compliance reports
  • Power BI based compliance reports