What the Hack - FHIR Powered Healthcare


Contoso Healthcare is implementing Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to rapidly and securely exchange data in the HL7 FHIR standard format with a single, simplified data management solution for protected health information (PHI). FHIR service in the Azure Health Data Services platform is a fully managed, enterprise-grade FHIR Server in the cloud lets you quickly connect existing data sources, such as electronic health record systems and research databases. Create new opportunities with analytics, machine learning, and actionable intelligence across your health data.

Your team’s assistance is needed to implement the following scenarios:

You will implement a collection of Microsoft Health reference architectures using the Azure Health Data Services platform that best fit Contoso Healthcare requirements. Below is the holistic conceptual end-to-end Microsoft Health Architectures for the FHIR ecosystem.

Health Architecture

Learning Objectives

This hack will help you:

  1. Deploy FHIR service in Azure Health Data Services platform and persist generated synthetic FHIR data into it.
  2. Convert and Load HL7v2 messages and C-CDA clinical data into FHIR Service.
  3. Develop JavaScript Single Page App (SPA) to search and view FHIR patient data.
  4. Transform and explore FHIR data for secondary use analytics.
  5. Export and anonymize FHIR data for downstream processing.
  6. Ingest, transform and load medical IoT device data into FHIR using MedTech service.
  7. Ingest, search and retrieve imaging data persisted in the DICOM service.
  8. Export and transform FHIR data to OMOP standards to facilitate downstream analytics.


These challenges must be completed in order:

These challenges can be completed in any order:


The prerequisites for the hack are covered in Challenge 0.