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Welcome to App Camp: New Adventure!

App Camp: New Adventure is a set of new labs for Teams App Camp built especially for these sessions at Build 2023:

In true App Camp spirit, of course the labs are open source, so anyone can enjoy them long after the conference is over. Feedback and contributions are welcome! Please add issues in github with your feedback, or reach out to me directly. Thank you!

Here are the labs
  • Lab 1 - Create your first app with Teams Toolkit In this lab, you'll set up Teams Toolkit and create a Teams message extension.
  • Lab 2 - Integrate business data with your application In this lab, you'll brand your new app as "Northwind Suppliers", and will provide the ability to insert data from the Northwind Traders sample database in a Microsoft Teams conversation. You'll also learn how to create and send adaptive cards with your message extension.
  • Lab 3 - Add link unfurling In this lab, you'll learn how to use Link Unfurling, which provides a custom summary when a user includes your URL in a conversation
  • Lab 4 - Action message extensions with Open AI In this lab, you'll learn how to build "Action" message extensions which can be launched directly or in the context menu of another Teams message to take action on it. The labs use the Open AI commercial web services (in Azure or using an Open AI account) to generate messages.
  • Lab 5 - Single Sign-on and Microsoft Graph In this lab, you'll learn how to authenticate users with Azure AD Single Sign-On, and to call the Microsoft Graph API. This same process would be used when calling any web service that's secured with Azure AD on behalf of the logged-in user.
  • Lab 6 - Run the app in Outlook In this lab, you'll run the Northwind Suppliers application in Microsoft Outlook.

Start here with Lab 1, where you'll set up Teams Toolkit and set up your first Teams message extension.

App Camp at Build 2023

Here are the titles and abstracts of the Build sessions:

Build Microsoft Teams apps leveraging existing software investments

You may already be aware that Microsoft Teams is more than a collaboration tool; it’s also a platform for building collaborative applications. What you may not realize is that it’s designed to allow you to extend on existing web applications and services. Providing a Teams app can streamline the user experience and bring users into your app as they work day-to-day in Microsoft 365. In this hands-on workshop you'll build Teams apps based on existing web pages, REST APIs, and OpenAI artificial intelligence services. You'll learn how Teams apps work under the covers and how Teams Toolkit can speed up the development process. Please join us and begin the process of bringing your enterprise or ISV apps to Microsoft Teams!

These labs will be the main focus of this full-day workshop. Students will also pursue App Camp labs A-01, A-02, and A-03 to learn how to reuse web-based applications as tabs in Microsoft Teams. They will also be invited to try the new Extend lab to bring these pages into Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft 365 home page.

From Web Services to Teams Apps using Teams Toolkit v5.0

In this hands-on lab you'll learn to bring business data into chat and email by building applications for Microsoft Teams and Outlook. These apps are based on enterprise and commercial REST services, which have become ubiquitous in today’s computing landscape. This allows users to share business context and bring recipients directly into your app in context. The new version of Teams Toolkit makes it easy! Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your development skills and build powerful Teams apps that can drive your organization's productivity.

This one-hour hands-on lab will feature Labs 1-4 in this series.