⚠️ Deprecation notice

This preview integration of IoT Edge 1.x and Kubernetes will not be made generally available, and is no longer supported. The recommended way to run IoT Edge 1.x on Kubernetes is noted in the product's official docs

Azure Stack Edge

Azure Stack Edge (ASE) appliances have IoT Edge running in a Kubernetes environment as an option for compute. ASE provides a way to create shares that can be used as storage for IoT Edge modules via createOption translations as demonstrated in a subsequent tutorial.

Always use Mounts with type volume to reference shares

After creating an ASE share, to assign it to a module use Mounts in the module's createOptions of type volume. The Source value should be the same as the ASE share name. Target value is the module's filesystem location where the volume should be mounted.

"createOptions": {
    "HostConfig": {
         "Mounts": [
                "Target": "/storage",
                "Source": "message-storage",
                "Type": "volume",
                "ReadOnly": "false"

💣 Note

To avoid message loss the edgeHub module should be configured with persistent volumes as demonstrated in the subsequent persistent volumes tutorial. Ignore the helm commands as those are not required on ASE.