⚠️ Deprecation notice

This preview integration of IoT Edge 1.x and Kubernetes will not be made generally available, and is no longer supported. The recommended way to run IoT Edge 1.x on Kubernetes is noted in the product's official docs

Azure IoT Edge's application model is based on the Docker API specifically the createOptions schema. When running on Kubernetes, the same application model is retained and the runtime performs a number of automatic translations to the Kubernetes application model. The goal is that these edge applications designed to run on a single node will work with minimal modifications when installed in a Kubernetes cluster. To achieve this, IoT Edge on Kubernetes has to transform the edge deployment into Kubernetes objects which will support module-module communication.

IoT Edge on Kubernetes creates Namespaces, Deployments, Services, ImagePullSecrets, PersistentVolumeClaims, and ServiceAccounts to establish this framework.

Translation details

Please see repo docs.