⚠️ Deprecation notice

This preview integration of IoT Edge 1.x and Kubernetes will not be made generally available, and is no longer supported. The recommended way to run IoT Edge 1.x on Kubernetes is noted in the product's official docs

IoT Edge Daemon can be configured with various settings as described below

Variable NameValue
  • true indicates iotedged has permssions to query node type for the purposes of reporting this value to IoT Hub. Setting to true will attempt to create a NodeObserver cluster role

  • false indicates iotedged does not have persmission to query node type information

    Should be set to false if NodeObserver cluster role cannot be created with your access permissions.
    Storage class name that backs iotedged data directory.
    persistent volume claim name that backs iotedged data directory.
    size, in Mb, of persistent volume claim that backs iotedged data directory