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The business of marketplace

Azure Marketplace QuickStart#

Video | PDF

New to the Azure Marketplace? This video is for you!

You’ll learn what the Azure Marketplace is as well as explore various aspects of buying and selling on the marketplace. This includes the various types of offers in the marketplace, the benefits you can take advantage of when transacting, and different ways to navigate through the experience.

  • 00:00 - Overview
  • 01:08 - Azure Marketplace overview
  • 04:57 - Public offers
  • 08:15 - Private plans
  • 10:36 - Private offers
  • 15:15 - MACC eligible offers
  • 17:13 - The Private Azure Marketplace
  • 18:27 - Summary

What to expect in your marketplace selling journey#

Video | PDF

This module walks through the stages you will experience when selling your solution on the marketplace. If you are curious what the journey looks like for marketplace sellers, this content is for you.

Marketplace incentive programs#

Video | PDF

In this video, we dive deep into three incredible incentive programs offered by Microsoft Azure: Marketplace Rewards, Co-sell, and MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment). Watch as we break down each program, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how they work and how you can benefit from them.